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Find My Nest

The smart buyers brokerage of choice in Mississauga.

Find My Nest is a licensed brokerage focused on the Mississauga real estate market and the GTA. We offer all the necessary services to purchase a home: devise a buying strategy, go house hunting, provide price recommendations and handle all the necessary paperwork.
While a traditional buying agent receives 2.5% commission from a home sale, Find My Nest agents split commission 50/50 with our clients (offer available only for direct non referral clients)
No upfront payments. Just cash back.
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Special Offer for Late Stage Buyers

Are you ready to buy? Found the home of your dreams and ready make an offer? Find My Nest offers additional cash back for late stage buyers.  Late stage buyers can get the FULL 2.5% agent commission in cash back, less a $5,000 administration fee, if buyers are ready to put in an offer with a Find My Nest agent.