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The value of going with real estate agency offering rebates

The market has shifted drastically in the last few years with buyers becoming empowered to do their own research and being able to find their own homes. Listing agents have also stepped up their game and now offer even greater detail of information when listing homes. The nature of real estate has changed as buyers do not depend on an agent to hold their hand through the entire buying process. Buyers for most part still need representation to be able to put in an offer. This is where the value of cash back realtors come in.

Since cash back rebate is not widely offered and is a relatively new phenomenon, there is still some confusion revolving it. Cash back rebate is offered to the buyer once they have successfully purchased and closed on the house. The listing agent then sends the buying agent a commission for bringing in the buyer. This commission is then shared with the buyer as cash back incentive. With house pricing averaging close to $750k in Toronto, the commission to buyer brokerage can be significant. Based on what the term of deal is for the cash back incentive, this can lead to a significant amount of money back into your pocket. Buyers these days spend a big chunk of their hard earned money purchasing the dream home; with little left over after. By going with a company like FindMyNest, they get rewarded with a large cash back to put towards anything….such as that renovation you would have liked to do to get the house to your perfect state.

FindMyNest is leading the way in the real estate industry by offering the best cash back incentive and value of service to home buyers. They offer better services to buyers that any typical agent would, while also offering cash back incentives. This cash back can be significant based on value of the home purchased. They target buyers who have narrowed down and know exactly what type of house they want and are ready to put in offers. With average price of $750,000, the cash back on such an offer could net the buyer $13,750.