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Tips and advise on how to prepare for home search with FindMyNest

It is recommended that before you begin your search, if finance is needed, to seek pre approval. We then recommend to seek homes that are slightly under your pre-approved rate to leave some wiggle room in case you go into a bidding war. FindMyNest buying service is catered towards buyers that are almost ready to put in an offer on a home. It is for people who have narrowed down their criteria and already have a home in mind or have narrowed it down to a select few. We then connect you with one of our licensed sales representative who will arrange showings on selected homes. It is recommended to do be thorough when doing the showings and jot down anything that stands out whether good or bad! We can use this for negotiating.

How to prepare for offer process

  • If you require financing, ensure pre-approval for offer price
  • Following our price recommendation and offer scenario, you will have to decide and advise us of the following so we can draft the offer:
    • Offer price
    • Deposit amount (Should be 5%)
    • Submission of deposit (With offer or upon acceptance)
    • Conditions (Financing/Inspection)
    • Closing date

What if they do hold offers – how to make your offer standout

The following list of options may improve your chances of winning a bidding war:

  • Better (higher) offer price
  • Deposit amount should be 5% or more
  • Deposit should be submitted with offer
  • Make the offer firm (No conditions – Buyers should be aware as this means the offer will be firm upon acceptance. Only go in firm if you have pre-approval for financing and feel comfortable foregoing inspection)
  • Base the closing date upon sellers preference
  • Improve net proceeds to seller by negotiating down buyer brokerage commission